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Our mission is to provide the best care for your pets in the comfort of your their home


Upgrading the experience of veterinary appointments for over 20 years

(no travel required)

Home Vets NYC establishes an ongoing relationship with you and your pet, providing the best veterinary care possible in the comfort of your home. The health and well-being of your beloved 4-legged family member is important to us. We treat each pet as an individual with unique needs and risk factors when making recommendations during your house call.

What makes Home Vets NYC different?

  • You’ll receive a custom treatment plan
  • A connected relationship with your vet so she knows what’s ‘normal’ and ‘not normal’ for your pet
  • The convenience of the care in your home (no commute!)
  • No waiting room or horrible magazines
  • Seamless access to medical records

What is the experience like for your pet?

  • Less anxiety
  • A normal heart rate
  • Surrounded by their favorite things and people
end of life services

Home is where they want to be

We understand how difficult this time can be and what an important decision this is for families. When it is time to say goodbye we will ensure your pet has a tranquil and peaceful experience in the privacy and comfort of your home surrounded by those who love them. We feel that saying goodbye to your beloved pet in the comfort and privacy of familiar surroundings is the kinder softer way.

About Dr. McCulloch

When she’s not busy running around NYC helping the city’s pets, Dr. McCulloch can be found running around South Africa, helping elephants and rhinos and promoting Wild Tomorrow Fund. Everywhere she goes, from New Zealand, to Florida, from New York, to South Africa, Dr. McCulloch is on a mission. Her cause has always been saving animals; it has motivated her since childhood and continues to drive her to provide compassionate care for animals every day. Born in New Zealand, Dr. McCulloch has always had a passion for animals. After a decade of traveling the world working in the entertainment field, she decided to turn that passion into a career.

Dr. McCulloch graduated from the University of Florida in 2004, and completed a rotating surgery and medicine internship at the Animal Medical Center on the Upper East Side in 2005. She practiced Veterinary Medicine for 6 years at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey, where she established and ran a successful house call practice for the hospital. Pet Requiem and Home Vets NYC were established in 2009. In 2011, she moved back to New York City, offering routine in-home veterinary care for the city’s beloved cats and dogs.

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