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What is the difference between Home Vets NYC and Pet Requiem?

Home Vets NYC is a house call service that provides general veterinary care. 

Pet Requiem is a house call euthanasia and end of life service.

When should your pet be seen for a Physical Exam?

Typically, the moment you bring home a puppy or kitten through 7 years old you pet should have an annual physical exam. It does vary in frequency due to the age or pre-existing conditions.

Before the Appointment

What do you need to do before the appointment?

  • Collect a fresh stool sample the night before or the morning of the appointment.
  • Clear a space where we can examine your pet.
  • Please let us know if you cannot pick up or hold your cat or small dog.
  • Provide previous medical records prior to the visit – to ensure we are properly prepared for your visit.

If we are testing thyroid levels…

  • We will need to discuss appointment timing ahead of time due to the medication administration required.

What if my pet is scared of strangers?

  • If your pet is scared and hides when strangers enter your apartment or they’ve been difficult to manage at the vet, please alert our team in advance. That allows us to suggest measures to help reduce any stress and danger during the visit.
  • If your dog is nervous and bites, please let us know as we will provide a muzzle (if needed).
  • Inform our team if your pet has a predisposition to biting or has bitten anyone in the last 10 days.

What do you need to tell our team before a Pet Requiem appointment? 

  • If your pet is larger, (over 20 lbs) please inform our team if you’re located in a walk up or elevator building.
  • If you would like our team to take your pet for cremation afterwards.
  • If you or any of your family members have tested positive for Monkeypox or covid in the last week.

How much notice do you need for a Home Vets NYC appointment?

It depends on where you live in NYC and where our schedule has taken us. Sometimes we’re able to accommodate same-day appointments depending on the severity of the issue and your location.

How much notice do you need for a Pet Requiem appointment?

Usually ~24-48 hours. Sometimes we’ll be able to accommodate same-day appointments depending on the severity of the issue and your location.

During the Appointment

What makes a house call visit Different for your pet compared to a visit to a Vet office?

  • Convenience – we come to you. In general, this is less stressful for you and your pet.
  • Observation – Your pet can be assessed in their home environment – especially helpful for cats and old dogs.
  • Time and attention – You will have our undivided and uninterrupted attention.
  • No waiting room – You get to stay home on the day of the appointment optimizing your day.

Will I always be seeing Dr. McCulloch?


How long will the Home Vets NYC appointment last?

Appointments usually take ~35-40 minutes.

How long will the Pet Requiem  appointment last?

Appointments usually take ~30-40 minutes. The length of the visit depends on your pet’s condition, your needs and wants within reason.

What is the difference between a healthy pet blood screen and a geriatric pet blood screen?

Healthy Pet Blood Screen: An array of tests are conducted to cover all the bases of your pets health. Additional tests are recommended  added depending on your when your pets age,  level of risk, existing medical signs being reported at the time.(eg drinking more water hits 7 years+. 

Geriatric Pet Blood Screen: There are four main parts categories of wellness testing for senior pets dogs: complete blood count (CBC), biochemistry profile, urinalysis, and thyroid hormone testing. Comprehensive testing is recommended for senior dogs, due to the higher risk of underlying disease. Complete Blood Count (CBC).

After the Appointment

How do I pay for services?

We prefer payment via Zelle. There are no fees and it is a quick and easy money transfer. homevetsnyc@gmail.com

Can I have access to my pet’s medical records?

Absolutely. We’re more than happy to share these records with you. We can provide comprehensive notes and medications administered.

What happens to my pet after they’ve been euthanized?

There are two options:

1. You can handle aftercare yourself. In this case, we will not take your pet with us.

2. If you would like Pet Requiem to handle aftercare, we can take your pet with us to be cremated. We have partnered with PetMeadow.com to offer private/individual cremation with return of your pets ashes or simple/communal cremation without getting your pets ashes back.

Pet Meadow also offers a “Witness” cremation where you are able to go and view your pet first and be present for the cremation and collect their ashes afterwards. Please let us know in advance so we can help schedule this.


What are the options of remembrance gifts?

Refer to the link at Petmeadow.com

end of life services

Home is where they want to be

​​These decisions are never easy and are an important decision for families to make together. When it is time to say goodbye, Dr. McCulloch will ensure your pet has a tranquil and peaceful experience in the comfort of your home surrounded by those who love them. We find that saying goodbye to your beloved pet in the privacy of familiar surroundings is a better experience for both humans and pets.

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