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Undivided Attention

When we visit your home, you and your pet are the primary focus. Unlike typical veterinary offices with multiple patients at once, your pet is getting all the attention.

Primary Care

Physical Exams

Just like humans, we need to check in to make sure your pet is doing well. This helps us to prevent commonly treatable diseases and detect any health conditions as early as possible.

Core Vaccinations

From the streets of NYC to the dog park, we want to ensure your pet’s health is protected.

We offer core vaccines for dogs – Canine distemper and Parvo, Bordetella, Canine influenza, Rabies, Lyme, and Leptospirosis.

For cats we provide – safe 3-year modified live vaccines for Rabies and Feline Herpes, rhinotracheitis, and calici viruses.

Preventative Care

blood Urine, PCR and fecal testing

We can obtain blood and urine samples from you pet to help provide a more in depth picture of your pet’s health. We advise routine annual complete wellness panel testing for all pets over the age of 5 in dogs and 7 in cats.

Parasite Control

NYC pets are exposed daily to gastrointestinal parasites, ticks, and mosquitos. Whether they are at daycare, dog parks, walking the streets of NYC, hiking the woods of upstate New York or frolicking the beaches of Long Island. We’ll do the risk assessment and advise on measures to test, treat and prevent these health risks to your pet.

Nutritional Advice

We can provide simple tips and recommendations on the best foods to maintain a healthy life and in special cases manage and prevent medical

We can also provide referrals to specialists if we feel your pet needs their expertise.

Behavioral Advice

Like humans, pets are sentient beings. They deal with stress and different environmental stimuli in their own ways.

Understanding this is half the battle. By having a continuous relationship, we can better understand your pets typical behavior and if they require additional outside support from a veterinary behavior specialist.

USDA certified: domestic & international travel certificates

Want to travel with your pets? Be sure to talk with Dr. McCulloch to get the required papers needed before you travel by plane.

Dr. McCulloch is USDA certified and can write international health certificates and advise you on measures you’ll need to take to make sure you are ready to travel with your pet.

Diagnostic Testing

heartworm blood testing

Did you know your pet should be tested annually for Heartworm?

This is even more important if your pet has been off Heartworm preventative for over a month. 

Tickborne Disease Testing

These types of diseases include: Lyme, Anaplasma, Erhlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They are all transmitted to your pet via ticks.

We will assess if your pet is at risk, test and recommend the best preventatives to keep them safe.

fecal test for parasites

NYC pets are exposed daily to  gastro intestinal parasites and since we  share small spaces with our pets we want to keep both you and your pet safe.

A FRESH  stool sample will be needed ahead of the appointment.

healthy pet blood screen

Prevention is easier than a cure and annual blood screening is part of the surveillance that is needed to ensure this.

Senior and geriatric pet blood screen

We recommend your elderly pets get biannual blood screening. The biannual testing begins at around 7 years old for senior dogs and senior cats.

Urinalysis and urine culture

Examining your pet’s urine is critical in detecting other underlying health issues.

Medication & Disease Management

Mobility and Arthritics Management

Many of our pets are athletes and are susceptible to activity/exercise-related injuries and joint disease as they age. Your pet’s mobility is important and we can advise on measures to maintain this as long as possible.

Common dermatological /otic conditions Monitoring

Many pets suffer from allergies (food , environmental and contact) and we’ll help you manage these as they arise.

Medical diagnostic testing and Disease Monitoring

Did you know dogs commonly get Hypothyroidism and cats commonly get Hyperthyroidism,

These are small examples of the diseases our animal counterparts share with us. To that end, pets get cancer and heart disease. During our visits, we’ll discuss and assess your pets risk and suggest special testing if we find it is necessary.

Services from Pet Requiem

End of life assessments

We offer a fresh perspective to assess your pet in their own environment.

Ideally, we review medical history, examine your pet and listen to you and help you decide on the best decision for your pet and your family.

Supportive Home Care

Providing appropriate measures for you to support your pet during their illness in their own home.

Pain management and Comfort Care

We can help you recognize signs of pain and discomfort in your pet and recommend interventional measures to help your pet during their illness through to their final days.

In-Home Euthanasia

Offering a gentle goodbye in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Individual & Communal Cremation Services

We will take your pet with us after euthanasia and have partnered with Petmeadow.com to provide the highest level of aftercare for your pet.

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